what do we perceive from colour’s ?

Fashion communication and Promotion 

first term; colours

pink…. is it good or is it bad?


when I think of negative annotations of pink I think of “periods, girls only, skin rashes, dumb girly girls”, but when I think of positive pinks I think of “flowers, barbies, patters, summer, films” where does the line between protraying a positive and negative of colour start?

Naturally as a child you learn colours and shades and play with the toys that have the best colour or attract you to them through visual excitement, this is an important stage in all companies production line, but where do we draw the line? do we continue to dress toy babies in blue for boys and girls in whites and pinks? Or do we sell the clothes individually and just have the babies in the boxes in a nappy….. because all babies need a nappy no matter the sex right? But wouldn’t it be weird if you saw an action man wearing pink…of course its not, but we’re all conditioned to compare colours to genders and feminine verses masculinity.

“Its prink razors instead of blue and black”

This isn’t something that only effects childrens toys, its female sanitary items, campaigns for perfumes and feminine products.. its pink razors instead of blues and black . Everyday we are conditioned visuals through the way companies draw attention to gender specific products.

Just a little food for thought while you’re shopping or browsing – how many products do you think are gender stereotyped?



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