colour project progression

Altering the perception of the genderisation of colour.


Taking multiple images of something slightly extraordinary and using words and phrases to portray a message, these photos were all edited to represent a different aspect of the image and the message we wanted to press.

As a pair me and Darcey were asked to create the following images..

  • album cover
  • magazine article
  • graffiti / negative feedback

The following captions on the images are

  • ‘does my bum look big in this?”
  • “the peak of masculinity”
  • “I’d rather wear a fake crown than a fake heart”
  • If you don’t like pink I don’t like you
  • Provoking, Interfering, Normality, Kinship

This is a Line that us females all know and love to use to put men under pressure because the reality is, no one actually really knows the correct way to answer it. Using a phrase that often comes from a female to joke on a poster of a man expressing himself in feminine clothing, left you feeling slightly uneasy and confused and thats exactly how someone who would want to act themselves but couldn’t due to the social normality would be feeling.

Using the word naked was short and snappy but also said everything for us. This male was bearing himself ‘naked’ while wearing colours that are Genderised as female, the feelings he felt from going against the normally of society left him raw and vulnerable much like we all feel at times when we’re Naked.

Using the hurtful words and concepts that bully and vandals would scribble onto an image like this removes the possibility for someone else to say it first, it shows that if you acknowledge that no everyone has the same opinion as you and talk about it the cultural norm can be challenged and often accepted. speaking out is the key to all issues, if you have a voice use it to say what you think, feel and wish for others to understand.

‘I’d rather wear a fake crown than a fake heart’ what does this tell you? using provocative words and phrases like this in a magazine article would draw the reader in. from this line we establish as the man in the image is being honest with himself, he’s showing that he’s confident with what he wants, he’s also saying a big fuck you to everyone who’s criticised him. And now you’re interested in why, who and when. exactly what we wanted.

If you don’t like pink I don’t like you, this was another childish caption yet there are people who have a sheeted mind and don’t like to think further than there front door step and we wanted to make a point of this by saying that not every individual is open to change and that we have to respect each others opinion’s and preferences even if we ourselves wouldn’t choose ‘pink’ as our preferred colour.

another option for a magazine cover, short snappy and a little play on words, leaves you wondering what exactly it is the story covers. what happens if you break It down? lets see. provoking, this often is a point of interest as everyone loves a little drama. Interfering, when I think of interference I think of inconvenience, irritance, annoyance. these three things that are often meant for bad but the image we’re using is portraying something individual yet positive. Normality. well what even is normal now? being normal isn’t fun or exciting so whatever’s inside this article must be a hoot. kinship, the feeling of identification, being in a group. this image is very personal and therefore how many people would be able to create a community based on this? well have a read and you’ll find out.

Overall  we’re saying that the message always goes deeper than what you first see, so never judge a book by its cover and always always remember that colours are universal and we shouldn’t genderise them.

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