active wear.

why has comfort become the normality for society?


If you were to travel back 3 or 4 decades ago, active wear would be solely for the tennis players and the sports man, but now we wear it on the daily? have we taken comfort in these clothes that are supposed to suggest we are anything but lazy?

Being brought up in a generation where gym leggings and sports clothing is now part of society, my opinion of active wear becoming part of the global mega trends is that if its cute and comfortable why wouldn’t we want to love it?

There are two types of people who love the active wear, daily. You’ve got the rushers and the gym goers. if you walk down the high-street you’ll see; mums, teens and general public in gym leggings and baggy gym jumpers etc just because they’re in a rush or they just choose to dress comfortable yet still fashionable, these are the types of people that Invest in cultural appropriate gym clothes such as gym shark and adidas so that their comfort is trendy. On the other hand you’ll see the fully kitted out ‘gym lads’ who are actually dressed appropriately to their surroundings.

Recently the street style fashion has taken over and active wear brands are starting to cater for fashion purposes rather than the literal purpose of working out.  The Danielle canthari  x Adidas collection is a PERFECT example of this, if you look at the images below, which where modelled by kendal Jenner, who from the off isn’t a sports personality at all but is a high fashion model, you can see that these clothing items are not practical for working your way around the gym. the tops have boning In them and the trousers are often wide leg, although I must admit i’m not much of a gym expert, I do know what not to wear to work out In.

more from me on this topic later, but for now just something to think about.. is society taking over and comfort becoming more important than actually being active? If you look the part why not actually get up and move. with the standard female clothing size having risen to a size 12, I think it Shows that as a generation, we aren’t making the right choices for our body.

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