Soap and Glory Vs Aesop

Can two brands selling the same products portray two completely different aesthetics?

The answer is a big resounding yes, looking at soap and glory and Aesop in todays seminar was an eye opener in terms of acknowledging how important the presentation of a product is in terms of the audience it attracts and the general frist impression.

“you never get the chance to make a first impression twice”

This was something my lecturer said in class and of course i have thought about this before in terms of personal gain but never when thinking about the presentation of a product.

Soap and Glory 

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  • vintage
  • american
  • playful
  • femine

These are just some of the key features of the soap and glory brand, from the colour of their packaging to the 50’s theme, it’s a fun creative brand, i think that the general consumer is a parent buying a christmas present, or a young teen. The stand/store layout is a typical flirty style made for a female audience.


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  • authentic
  • minimalist
  • gentle
  • organic

This brand has a completely different way of appealing to consumers, keeping it classic and neat, showing there’s nothing artificial in the products putting the quality at a higher importance than the look of the packaging.

comparing these two toiletries brands 

can you guess which is which brand? A or B?

brand A

  • gendered
  • vintage retro
  • cluttered
  • glamorize
  • american
  • accessible/ generic
  • expendable

brand B

  • gender fluid
  • minimalist
  • modern
  • clean
  • authentic
  • artisan
  • multicultural
  • exclusive/ original
  • cherished

What i think is important is that these two brands have recognised what they want to portray to the consume rand have targeted a gap in the market they feel their product can fill.  i think its important to think about this in every aspect when in the creative process or within self growth.

  1.  what do you want to say?
  2. how can you say it?
  3. who do you want to hear it?

When creating and evaluating think about this post and depth in which a first impression can really be the first and last someone takes on board.

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