Does the size of a Model Matter?

when do you see them? 

  • In magazines
  • On Instagram
  • On tv
  • On websites
  • Generally across all social media platforms

It’s safe to say that body image has become a huge part in society. whether that is a good thing is yet to be decided…

I would argue that on average the person in the outfit affects the way a shop about 4/10. I’m not one of those girls who spends a lot of time looking at fashion shows and cat walks and questioning if i’m good enough. I will admit my social media is full of young fit women who post gym progression photos and they either motivate me or deflate me, mostly the latter, so I guess I’ll have to admit that it can be detrimental to an impressionable mind.

being part of the itty bitty tittle committee I’ve often found that when online shopping this can become an issue for me. I was speaking to my best friend the other day about an outfit for a night out and we quickly turned the conversation to models when she came across a ‘underwear is outer wear’ item of clothing and she said…

“my boobs would look banging in that”

and I’d never really thought about it before but looking at garments that focused on the upper body cleavage area scared the living day lights out of me and I would instantly scroll right on past, but I’d never really thought anything of it I just felt I knew my body type and what fitted me best. I think this is where clothing brands are missing a trick, because what if there was two body types in the same garment, obviously I understand that cleavage is sexy and makes the garment look 100 times better but by solely focusing on a specific view or expectation makes people like me who were blessed with a chopping board chest look the other way.

see this is where the problem becomes unobtainable because every single body shape is completely different and you can’t cater for all. they’re either;

  • To thin
  • Too fat
  • Flat chested
  • gifted with big old melons
  • no arse
  • too much ass
  • unrealistic waist

well I think you get my point. but do we really think its necessary to put that much pressure on designers, the models, the brand. If we can’t acknowledge the strengths and weakness’ of our own body how can we expect them to have all the answers for us while simply trying to sell some clothes.

I guess what I’m trying to put out into the universe is a little positivity for once, just because a model doesn’t look like you doesn’t mean you aren’t meant to rock those clothes, just like it isn’t criminal for me to wear a low-cut top and show off my rib cage because that’s all I have to offer.  Confidence is sexy and confidence is a personality trait. it isn’t something that you grow into or starve yourself to fulfil its something you learn as you learn to love yourself. stop relying on other people’s perceptions and start believe in yourself, small titties or big old jugs, don’t be everything for everyone be something for yourself.

“don’t be everything for everyone be something for yourself…”

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