Fashion Conversations

Recently I’ve been slightly overwhelmed with the sensitivity within the fashion industry and attacking retail. I’ve found myself looking at articles and not even finishing reading them through the fear of the small-minded opinions ill be finding along the way. Of course everyone has the own moral compass and we all have different points of opinions etc.. but I feel that this has become a problem that could be detrimental to the future image of stores and fashion movements.

Starting the conversation with a very controversial point but I think that and dare I say it, recently the ‘feminist’ movement has become contorted and lost within people just making  Mountains out of mole hills. Obviously I have a passion for the perception of women, but I also believe that the more me raise our voice for unnecessary campaigns means it’ll become boring and we’ll no longer gain the attention certain subjects desire.

M&S window display

This ship has sailed yet I still find myself laughing about it because of course I agree the creatives behind this didn’t think about the current society and how it’s so quick to jump down the neck of those who could portray women in a certain light, yet I find that as a female who generally only shops in marks and Spencer’s for the underwear they produce for women at such a high standard and with the most comfortable bra’s around, because let’s be honest ladies that shit is so uncomfortable when they get it wrong, and M&S never get it wrong. SO what I’m saying is why penalised a company that are promoting their best sellers and popular products for both genders.

As a young female I think we need to start thinking about how our future within society and getting the respect we are all aiming for, because this isn’t the way to go about it. think about the angles and why brands would be advertising there products on such a way, everyone has to make the most of the best bits over the festive period, god only knows if you had a shop you would be promoting your best sellers so really is It worth the fuss?



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