I have chosen this final outcome as I think it links my brand, trend and digital in the best way to help promote the company and create a conversation that alone will open up opportunity for others to hear about the brand. In a survey I found that the majority of people didn’t know/ hadn’t heard about agent provocateur. Having a digital campaign addressing both the risk of sexual health and the normality of wanting to enjoy sex is something that as a underwear brand that uses hashtags like #notsoscilentnights should already be doing. Agent provocateurs target market hits around the same age mark as the highest rates of sti’s and std’s and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to gain the brand further consumers, this campaign will be broadcast through the use of a software like ‘air drop’ and will ping up as a notification onto the phones of people traveling past the store or past any point of digital advertisement, this will also count with social media consumers. Using the hashtag #safebutsaltry the brand can hand out free contraception and start the conversation about sexual health. This will pair up with my earlier research which shows that as a brand the prices are too high to reach the everyday consumer and because of this, this campaign would be a one off living wage price range, with this I am hoping to broaden the overall reach of the brand, the underwear would follow the trend pattern and be patterned and printed.  



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