Fyre – reasons for failure

After sitting down and watching the documentary I found myself surprised about how quickly a project can go down hill even with so many people involved. there’s the saying..

“too many cooks spoil the broth”

and In this case that was 100% evident. having a vision and having the support to achieve it is valuable of course but this program and failed festival just shows how its more important to have people you can trust around you than it is to surround yourself with many but trust few.

There were so many red flags throughout the whole planning of the festival and yet so many creative people were naive to the fact that they were effecting real life people. The influencers involved have such a mass following that they wouldn’t feel on a personal level they had impacted so many people. Having such a large amount of influence on people comes with a responsibility and I think it’s fair to say that they will have learnt this the hard way after facing the repercussions of this monumental disaster.

I loved the way they put together this documentary using footage that was originally going to be used as a press release after the festival was such a great hit, yet ironically it is actually is a very raw break down of how the whole thing spiraled out of control and got way over everyone’s heads.

At the end of the video I was taken back by the fact that after everything had happened the scam just got moved over to email. selling tickets for events that were invite only and taking advantage again of the people that they had already taken so much from.

FYRE just shows how powerful men get carried away and aren’t always to be trusted.

what’s your view?

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