Hegarty on creativity


I spent a week allowing myself to lack creativity and settle into a creative funk, then I decided to pick up this book and give it a chance. I had flicked through it previously enjoying the visuals but not really expecting anything deeper than that. Yet looking at a fresh perspective is always good so I jumped straight in and ended up reading the whole thing within a couple of hours. Although some of the topics covered are more common sense than acquired knowledge, the way in which I was left thinking about each section made me feel as though I had an alternative perspective.

throughout the book they had added illustrations, (see above) some of these were ironic paired with the context of the text, however they added a light-hearted touch. My personal favourite being the image of the pencil, on this particular page he was addressing how being connected through the internet can come with its own negatives. the image suggests that the best and most reliable source is pencil and paper. It still suggests that writing down our thoughts is the best way to create a creative flow.

The book was an easy read because of the way its written you feel as though you’re in the room just having an everyday discussion, I think I prefer this less formal approach when reading a non-fictional book.

Here are some points in the book that I think are worth a read.

IMG_1349I loved this page because I recently watched the FYRE documentary and I think this is such a clear way to explain what happened to the men in charge of it. When creating anything I think it’s best to not be clouded by your own confidence to the state that you become cocky and then get reckless. This book addressed all the things that people don’t like to admit about themselves.

IMG_1343This is another section in the book that I felt held a lot of weight,  I felt like I often end up stuck on an idea I think is good trying to push it to great when the reality is that I should go back a few steps rather than trying to push it forward, by revisiting and reflecting on something you can often create something better.

“read shit and you’ll think shit and create shit” 

Leaving this here for anyone that needs it, be proactive, read that book you’ve always wanted to but never made the time, head out of your comfort zone in search of something alternative. Do whatever sets your soul on fire and do it with every inch of you. you don’t want to just create shit do you?


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