The black sheep

Flicking back over the pages I thought about time and time again after reading Hegarty on creativity, there are no rules I always ended up looking at pages 42-44. On these pages he’s talking about his past work in advertising, I think I found this specifically interesting as that’s a future career goal for me, I’ve always been interested in PR and advertising as a whole.

This was a black jeans campaign that now would have monumental black lash from todays society, that not only shows how sensitive as a generation we’ve become but how as an agency or brand you now how to think outside the box x 100 in order to please everyone.

“when the world zigs, zag.” 

This slogan is talking so much deeper than just wearing a black pair of jeans over a blue pair. it can be used in all context. Like they say in the book “where’s the zag in our thinking?” I love this because it’s so true that sometimes the best ideas come from different points of views or from taking something in from another perspective.

So in the future when I’m having a creative block i’m going to be thinking about that Levis campaign and how important is it, to ‘ZAG’.  in other words;

‘by looking in the opposite direction you might just find something new’

does your idea ZIG or ZAG?


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