Have these influencers made a massive mistake?

Having spent my whole childhood on YouTube looking for inspiration and following influencers, I found that recently as I have grown more aware of the backing on each influencer and the way in which they have to be transparent to their audience and how exactly they earn money is based on those consumers, my opinion of some of their choices has changed.

Being a fan of joint the youtube account SophiaandCinzia and being a religious viewer for years I felt like their most recent collaboration with Nikki studios has left me feeling dissatisfied and slightly hard done by. The girls have always been an account that I have felt I could really heavily relate to after being a VERY broke student and just going through the latter teen early 20 lifestyle crisis along with them. Having said this I think that the majority of their demographic would agree with me here when saying the price point of the clothing collab has left me shocked.

The overall products paired with the prices of them don’t cater from the audience and I’m not the only one who thinks so. here’s the video of them explaining the prices and products available  

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Above I have left some examples of other fans that feel similarly to me, if you check out the video have a scroll of the comments and see how negative the overall feedback is.

Sophia and Cinzia have always talked about affordability and fast fashion brands such as  PLT and MISS GUIDED, yet have released a collaboration that’s price point just doesn’t match the values we have been lead to believe the girls are fully committed to. I appreciate that they have been given an amazing opportunity and are taking the chances while they can, yet I think that from a business perspective they have overlooked the reality that they’re creating products they love that most of their fans just cant afford.

Below are some of the items you could by from the collaboration and i’m certain you’ll all agree you can purchase similar items from those fast fashion brands the girls have effortlessly promoted over the years and preached about price point and affordability then shot down in order to justify that their clothes “aren’t fast fashion brand quality”. GIRLS, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. THEY really have made a massive error here missing the mark by a mile, I love the clothes and the designs suit them down to a TEE but the production and the reality is that the viewers cant afford to be forking out for something expensive and they shouldn’t be justifying it by cutting down fast fashion brands that have essentially got them to where they are today through sponsors etc… you can find more images of the collection on their instagram here .

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