King and Queen of the MET

I will be honest usually I’m not overly invested in the MET gala, I have always thought it was a very expensive way of putting celebs back on the map or current again; however, after spending the past year analysing lots of different fashion aspects I found myself really enjoying the show and the overtly bold and wonderful designs each native came up with.

Queen Gaga. 

We all knew she was going to hit us hard with something funky and fresh… and boy she didn’t disappoint, being such a bold influence and standing for so many positive attributes that come with being a woman Gaga took to the red carpet like it was a stage and showed every aspect of womanhood, starting with a fierce yet conservative overrated dress, and slowly peeling back the layers like they were different personalities.  The way she expresses herself is undoubtedly the most iconic out of the celebs.


  • bold
  • beautiful
  • unopologetic
  • fresh but funky
  • controversial
  • daring

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Harry Styles 

This look SHOOK me, I was not expecting Mr I hide behind funky suits to wear a barely there GUCCI look. Im living for it though, sneaky flash of the tattoo’s paired with the frills of the ‘blouse’ made this ‘camp’ look iconic.  A overall winner in my eyes making someone who I wouldn’t have expected to get an invite become the star of the show throwing an alter ego out onto the red carpet for everyone to ogle.

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These two celebs have walked out knowing they’re smashing it and just owning the theme to the fullest, the designers should be so proud of what they’ve decided on. there were plenty of good looks to grace the carpet some however were noting magical or mind blowing – Kanye West for example, compared to his wife Kim he looked like he Wass headed out for a casual meeting, the pairing did not work well together in my eyes and for someone trying way to hard to become a fashion icon he essentially just shits all over the MET gala every year. NOT GOT MY VOTE.



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