Tony’s Chocolonley

“crazy about chocolate, serious about people”

While walking around London looking for research I stumbled into an experiential marketing technique that blew me away. I’ve been talking about it for weeks since, Tony’s Chocoloney was born through my own selfishness, simply by suggesting a freebee.


The storefront was simple in neon signs ‘free chocolate’, when I walked in I was greeted by a member of staff asking if was there for the tony’s experience, I was skeptical but followed him, we were taken into this box room with 12 other people and on the wall was a free chocolate sign. At this point I was starting to doubt I was actually going to get any free chocolate…

The door then got closed behind us and the room went black, then a projector started playing a short film, with very simple imagery but it was paired with such a powerful message, less is more worked perfectly for it.


After the video finished, it couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes long we were taken upstairs into a room full of very current and interactive things.

  • post box
  • instagram wall
  • mountains of free chocolate
  • giant chocolate suit
  • goodie bags

My favourite part of the experience was the post cards they provided with all their information on, that you could send for free with a little message. The time I went it was nearly mothers day so I got to send one to my mum while sharing the story, in terms of marketing this is an incredible way of sharing the word, it makes it personal and connects the consumer to the product.

when leaving we were handed a paper bag with two full size chocolate bars in, along with some information leaflets and a postcard. we were told ‘one for you one for a friend’ which I think is a wonderful sentiment, the finders behind this brand really have thought about every aspect and how to reach the most consumers.

Living In a digital world the ‘instagram’ atmosphere of the place made it very easy to want to share the experience online, essentially because it was pretty enough (which is so stupid really isn’t it?)

If you visit the website you will see that the visuals and colours are similar to what you would describe as Willy Wonker inspired. This is also another marketing technique which works in their favour because its memorable and reminds you of a childhood film.

Not only was the message they were portraying and the way they handled everything so good the actual chocolate is incredible! my favourite flavour was 100% the salted caramel, but they were all pretty yummy. The kind of chocolate bar you would sit and eat in one sitting.

go check it out for yourself and see what you think here

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  1. Your description of this place entices me! I wish I can go there this very instant… I want to see those mountains of chocolate and the giant chocolate suit! This place sounds so perfect for the Instafeed! Their marketing campaign is really good and surely, this generation will capture it’s entirety! Thanks for sharing

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