Reflecting on self growth

Fashion Communication and Promotion.

When I started at Trent  I was in a fashion design headspace having not studied anything business / retail based prior, I found the first few weeks at Trent so hard trying to understand the FCP process and wrap my head around the stages, but as I found my feet and settled into my own, I found that once you start to notice the pattern in production and look deeper at most of the things I previously thought were trivial I found you could often pull apart the design process and think about things from a different perspective.

Having just completed my final group presentation I feel like I have grown tremendously as both an individual and with my skill set within FCP, the tutors have helped me open my eyes to different cultures and how everything effects the world of fashion and its not just clothing related. I think that working in groups has helped me to have a look at my future and how well I would work within team environments, these are transferable skills I will take forward and benefit profusely from.

I feel as though I have worked on my sketchbook work and time management much better the second term keeping up with the work and not getting stressed due to build up. I didn’t enjoy the sketchbook aspect the first time and it was shown by my feedback but this term I’ve really gotten stuck into it and found that I have produced work I am proud of and excited about. I firstly found it hard to have a voice and create something that wasn’t full of drawings or in the style of the design sketches I used to create but once I found a flow it came easily.

I think this course has helped me develop a critical voice and to learn what I like and don’t like about the fashion industry, I am still at a loss as to what I want to look for in the future in terms of a industry job but have decided that there’s plenty of time for me to process these aspects further over the next two years while I’m still exploring and creating my own personal profile within FCP.




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